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The Farmers Market at Stonecrest
“The Farmers Market at Stonecrest” a central, convenient, neighborhood market at the Mall at Stonecrest supported by County, State and Community partnerships. The Farmers’ Market will provide direct access to locally grown fruits, vegetables, other farm product and local artisans to create a sense of community in the South DeKalb/I-20 Corridor. Sitting on the edge of historical farmlands the Farmers Market at Stonecrest serves to honor out heritage by expanding its market to a seasonal market and include an urban farm at the edge of the Mall connecting it to nearby historical farms via the more than 5 miles of bike paths. Whilst also providing a unique opportunity for the strengthening of community connections, providing access to unique educational initiatives all while developing the most exciting commercial/community land use concept the nation has ever seen. This ambitious project will be undertaken by “The Farmers Market at Stonecrest, LLC in cooperation with the owners of the Mall at Stonecrest, community organizations and local agencies to raise awareness of the importance of healthy living, healthy eating and its positive impact on the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
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The Farmers Market at Stonecrest
PO Box 725211
Atlanta, 31139-2211
Dekalb County
Tel: (770) 661-0236
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Market Open: Thursday
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