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Georgia's Finest Organic Farms
We at Georgia's Finest have made a difference in peoples lives and wish to continue. We supply local CSAs, restaurants, retailers and distributors across Georgia. We have gained a reputation for culinary quality. Our food and our responsibility to insure the future of our land are constant and foremost in our work. Our goal is many fold, insuring fresh local organic produce, education of the importance of sustainable agriculture, the importance of nutrition for our health, build to the point where we are able to process as an added value, which will create jobs we so badly need and fostering the sense of community . We try to educate children and parents in schools of the importance of nutrition and health. Proper nutrition can and does work in preventing allergies, obesity, cancer, diabetes and many other conditions and diseases. We have established relationships with commercial customers; they don't question us if they are out and we leave inventory. They know we have checked what is out in the store for sale and what is in their cooler with the understanding if they didn't need or want it they don't pay for it ,my loss. All their bills have been paid in full. Our restaurant customers' back doors are always open and they know we are just one call away. We sell from white table cloth to BBQ restaurants. Our CSA and Farm to table buyers call us rock stars. There is nothing more pleasing than to watch a persons eyes open wide in shock and pleasure when they bite into our tomatoes for the first time. To watch a child shove as much watermelon in their mouth as they can, to hear a parent say they child will now eat vegetables, even raw, to listen to breast cancer survivors tell why this is the only way to eat and to know I represent my state as a farmer proudly when the Governor has served our vegetables to his dinner guests – these are priceless rewards. When I walk into a Wholefood grocery and the produce manager and customers get a big smile on their faces, it gives me the energy to continue the 18 to 20 work hour days. I'm pleasing people, helping their health, cutting the carbon foot print, and taking chemicals out of the system and preserving the land. I'm making a difference like never before and I need your help so I can continue. I'm not being selfish, other than the personal joy I receive from helping others. I'm giving back for all that has been given to me. The farm has become my passion, pleasure and life's goal, enabling me to do the most worthwhile job anyone could have. It's hard work, and it's not for everyone... but we are committed because we know it's the right thing to do . It's knowing that you can be a part of the solution, knowing that no matter how far away you might be, you're helping to make a difference. It is a lofty goal, but the venture must be if we are to make the difference meaningful. This effort must not be for just helping a small geographic area, but one that has the distinct ability to be touching the lives of many. From here we will be able to gather other local farmers in food-hubs that will support our local farmers and supply many homes. We will be able to help our economy by circulating the dollars locally, which means more jobs. The environment will improve and the list goes on. Our country was built by sacrifice for others and the future generations. This is the right thing, one that should be important to you, because your food affects your well-being every single day. Agriculture should be the cornerstone of community, a community we so need in our country. Community is where support and spirit come from that better ourselves and country.
Contact Info
Georgia's Finest Organic Farms
3338 E Lindsay Dr
Columbus, 31907-2027
Harris County
Tel: (706) 442-1824
  • CSAs
  • Sell via Distributor(s)
  • Sell via Farmers Market(s)
  • On Farm Market
Markets: Uptown Columbus
Percentage of Local Food: 71% and higher
Production Practices
Products and Services
  • Certified Organic
  • Livestock feed is chemical free
  • Educational Classes
  • Eggs
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Herbs
  • Internships/Apprenticeships
  • Seedlings/Transplants
  • Seeds
  • Vegetables
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